In 2013 Alex began to integrate traditional film photography back into his work after nearly 10 years of not using it. Below is a sampling of his work in the various formats and cameras that he uses.

Alex has said, "Since integrating film, I've become more selective in my shooting digital. With digital cameras, its easy to rattle off 500 pictures in a session, but only keep 10%. Since using film, I'm shooting less frames, but keeping 50-60% of those images for client selection. Editing is much more selective with many different options to select. Film shows the flaws in my shooting. Manual focus, exposure, shutter speed, ISO setting. If one is missed, its very difficult to recover in the darkroom, unlike digital."

Alex currently is shooting with a Pentax K1000, Diana F+ 120, and Pentax 645. He is actively seeking a Graflex Crown Grafic to add to the inventory.